Fall 2017 Michigan Health Policy Forum

Meeting Dates: 
Monday, November 13, 2017
Meeting Time and Location: 

Although "repeal and replace" discussions have at least temporarily spun into entropy, the underlying problem - the cost of healthcare in the United States - has not. Many anticipate the call for a bipartisan approach to healthcare to focus on the issue of healthcare cost because it is an issue on which both parties can agree. The Michigan Health Policy Forum will examine the downward state and federal pressures on the Medicaid budget and review innovative approaches taken by other states to address the Medicaid cost issue.

To walk us through the Medicaid cost containment experiments across the country, we have invited Mr. Matt Salo from the National Association of Medicaid Directors to deliver the keynote address. Mr. Salo's presentation will be followed by a panel of experts to discuss Michigan's successes and future challenges with regard to the Medicaid program.

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